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Heavy Duty Submersible Agitator Slurry Pumps

Oct. 09, 2021



• Hydroman heavy duty dredge pumps /submersible slurry pumps /sludge pumps /sand pumps are capable of handling sand and slurries with up to 5-inch rocks.

• The slurry can be piped to its destination eliminating haul trucks, conveyor belts, and other mechanical earth-moving equipment. Using hydroman pumps saves labor and maintenance costs.

• All you need is water and power. Dredge Pumps are available with electric or hydraulic motors.

• With its incorporated agitator, the pump will dig into the material and is capable of handling up to 70% solids by weight.

• Optional water jets and cutter heads (shown in picture) allow these pumps to disaggregate and pick up sediments in a slurry of high density and high specific gravity.

Heavy Duty Submersible Agitator Slurry Pumps

Submersible Hydraulic Slurry Pumps

Submersible Hydraulic Agitator Slurry Pumps

Submersible Sand Slurry Pumps

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