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Submersible Slurry Pump Installation and Operation

Jan. 06, 2020

WARNING! Check that the power is locked off and disconnected before working on pump. all electrical work should be performed by a qualified electrician and all national and local electrical codes must be observed.

Inspection before Installation

1. Please ensure that working site conditions can meet submersible slurry pump operation requirements.

2. Please be sure that the actual flow and head is the same as the performance curve. If the actual flow is more than 120% of the rated flow, there could be possible damage to the electric motor.

3. Check that the pump, power cable, and control cable are in good condition.

4. Please check that supply voltage and frequency are the same as on Hydroman pump nameplate.

5. Please check oil level: when the submersible slurry pump is vertical, the oil level should reach the oil filling hole.


Please check the voltage, working current, and flow. If there is any Hydroman pump vibration during operation, please stop submersible pump immediately and check to see if any of the following has occurred:

1. Working current is greater than rated current.

2. If the flow is less than 20% of the rated flow or the water flow has stopped.

3. The pump is not fully submerged in water.

4. The voltage is too high or too low (380V ± 5%).

5. Obvious causes of vibration or noise.


1. Cable Connection: The power cable should be installed by a professional electrician.

a) Insulation should not be less than 50 MΩ.

b) Please check pump rotation, ensuring that from the motor side the pump is running clockwise. If the rotation is not right, please correct and connect again.

2. Pump Installation

a) Lift the pump by the eye bolts located on the top of the motor and submerge the pump in water, ensuring the pump is not connected to power. Connect the power cable, then connect pipe to pump outlet.


WARNING! Disconnect power cable from power source before servicing unit. Normal maintenance should be done by qualified personnel.

Maintenance and Repairs

1. When pump has not run for an extended period, please lift and clean pump surface, remove all impurities, wipe oil from surface and store in a dry location.

2. When pump operation has exceeded 2500 hours, check all fasteners and seals. replace oil or mechanical seals as need.

3. The pump must be inspected at least once a year. replace parts as needed, such as casings, impellers, casing covers, agitators, oil seals, etc.

4. After reassembling pump, conduct an air pressure test for motor and mechanical seal chamber. There should be no leakage within 5 minutes under 29 PSI.

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