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Hydraulic Agitator Pump


Size: 80-400mm

Capacity: 50-1500m3/h

Head: 10-50m

Max. particles: 60mm

Max. concentration: 70%

Agitator: Available

Cutterheads: 3-22kw

Sealing arrangement: Double mechanical seal

Materials: High chrome, Hyperchrome, SS304, SS316L, CD4MCu, Duplex 2205 etc

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product details

Hydroman™ Hydraulic Submersible Agitator Dredge Pump is a hydraulic driven submersible heavy duty agitator sand, slurry, sludge and dredge pumps with variable RPM, Hydroman is a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps andcomplete dredging equipment. Hydroman is focused on the continuous development of its design and manufacturing activities for dredging, mining and industrial sectors. With its distribution network around the world Hydroman is able to give consultancy, service and assistance worldwide. Hydroman team constantly works to find new technological solutions for improving performances of its products and optimizing sustainable operations.

Design Features:


The mixing and excavating movement is created by the Hi-CR steel agitator cutter blades. The agitator lifts and sucks settled sediments and solids, creating a continuous uninterrupted flow of concentrated slurry into the pump.


Long life and performance reliability are guaranteed by robust, heavy-duty construction. Lower operating RPM and High Chrome wear parts guarantees lower wear rates and prolonged component life.


Hydroman pump parts have been specially designed and shaped to provide outstanding performance, providing superb solids handling capabilities but with reduced wear (solid size up to 5 inches).

Hydroman™ Hydraulic Submersible Agitator Dredge Pumps Applications:

▪ Harbour and marina dredging.
▪ Channel and pond cleaning.
▪ Dam dredging.
▪ Land reclamation.
▪ Coastal protection.
▪ Geo-textiles filling.
▪ Sand and gravel.
▪ Tailing ponds dredging.
▪ Oils sands.
▪ Dewatering.
▪ Trench and pond cleaning.
▪ Gold and Silver mining.
▪ Bitumen pumping.

▪ Steel mills.

▪ Sewage plants.

▪ Bentonite Recycling.

▪ Civil emergencies.

▪ Industrial ponds dredging.

▪ Marble industry.

▪ Oil industry.

▪ Pipelines.
▪ High depth dredging.
▪ Sand extraction.
▪ Extra high depth
▪ dredging (>300m).

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