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Dredging Cutterhead of Hydraulic Sand Pump

Jun. 09, 2022

Hydroman™ Dredging Cutterhead is a custom-built engineering and great for breaking up compact material to feed the dredging pump, connected to hydraulic submersible slurry pump, submersible dredging pumps, submersible sand pump etc. usually rotate between 30 to 50 rpm to be used in combination with the agitator, which allows to avoid clogging problems to the slurry pump.

Hydroman™ proposed hydraulic pump and a matching
dredging cutter head can be mounted directly on the mechanical arm of the excavator already in the customer’s possession to high-efficiency pumping slurry of many different materials such as: mud, sand, clay, and rock etc., especially in the presence of hard and compact materials.

All of our
Submersible Slurry Pumps are suitable to be used for dredging. The solids are pumped mixed with water. There are many applications for our dredge pumps: Dredging of Rivers, Harbors, Dams, Canals, Lakes and Lagoons. In some cases is es-sential to control the turbidity while dredging, this is something that our submersible pumps are able to do.

Hydroman™ Dredging Cutterhead of Hydraulic Sand Pump Specification:

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