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Hydraulic Cutter Heads


Hydraulic Motor: Radial piston

Displacement: 1240 - 2500 cc

Capacity: 40 - 125 l/min

Pressure: 250 bar

Speed: 30 - 50 rpm

Torque: 4900 -9100 Nm

Power: 15 - 55 kw

Teeth: 18N°, 43N° or others

Material: Hard Steel

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product details

Hydroman® MixPro™ Hydraulic Cutterhead for Dredge Pumps is a custom engineered system. Hydroman's dredging specialists carefully analyze customer requirements and operating conditions to arrive at the design criteria – cutter profile, size, beta, arm quantity and shape, tooth size, tooth orientation. The MixPro™ Dredging Cutter Head can be used in combination with the agitator, which allows to avoid clogging problems to the hydraulic dredge pump.

Hydroman's Hydraulic Cutterhead can be used with every Hydraulic Dredge Pumps and can increase the efficiency particularly in presence of hard and compact material.

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