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Hydraulic Side Cutters

Nov. 19, 2020

Hydroman® ExPro™ Hydraulic Side Cutters are designed to let the dredge pump works also in presence of very compact material.

Hydraulic Side Cutters are able to increase solid production by increasing the concentration of the slurries and permit to complete the dredging activities even in the most difficult situations.

ExPro™ Submersible Hydraulic Cutters Features: 

▪ Cutting head is designed to reduce cost of wear parts thanks to interchangeable hard tooth

▪ Robust hydraulic motor guarantees strong torque and long life

▪ Hydraulic Side Cutters are designed to work up to 250m working depth, handled by steel cable

Hydroman® ExPro-15 Hydraulic Side Cutters:

Hydraulic Side Cutters

Submersible Side Cutters

Hydraulic Dredging Cutters

Dragflow Hydraulic Side Cutters

Hydraulic Side Cutters for Dredge Pumps

Hydraulic Dredge Pump Side Cutters

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