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Submersible Borehole Deep Well Water Pumps

Jul. 13, 2022

Hydroman® submersible well water pumps are inclueded in two kinds, one is submersible shallow well pump, the other is deep well submersible pump. Shallow well submersible pump, as name suggests, used for shallow well. Submersible well pump is a kind of centrifugal water pump with long transmission shaft, its structure is simple and high efficient. Compared with shallow one, submersible deep well pump is more broadly used. Submersible Borehole Deep Well Water Pumps is an important water supply device and used in residential water supply, agricultural irrigation, industrial cooling, sea water lift, geothermal heating and ship load.

Submersible Borehole Deep Well Water Pumps offered by Hydroman mainle devided into two types, cast iron submersible well pump and stainless steel submersible deep water pump. The cast iron submersible water pumps are more wear resistance and not easy to be broken. In order to prevent submersible cast iron well water pumps from being corrosive, we especially paint corrosive resistance materials outside our well pumps. If still concerning about corrosive droppings, we have stainless steel deep well pump. This kind of submersible well pumps are made by SS304, SS316L, SS904 stainless steel materials, whole submersible borehole pumps looks simple. They are able to resist corrosion and pollution, light corrosive and hot water can be transported as well.

Features of Hydroman® Submersible Borehole Deep Well Water Pumps:
Whole submersible well water pumps body are carefully designed, so our submersible deep well water pumps look more simple and neat.
Submersible Water pumps and pump motor are connected together, so they are easy to be operated.
Simple and convenient to install and dissemble.
This kind of deep well pumps must be totally immersed into water when working, so they are safer.
Space saving and energy saving.
Special materials are installed for protecting water quality.
Less noisy will be produced when working, therefore, they are more environmental friendly.

Hydroman® Submersible well pump applications:
Our deep well pump is ideal for water supply, such as drawing water from well/borehole, sea water, salt water, desalination, dirty water, flood protection and drainage, irrigation, fountain projects, river, lake, etc.,and mountainous water supply and draining in cities, factories, railways, and mines.

• Well water• Clean water• Drinking water• Groundwater
• Irrigation
• River water
• Sea water
• Water supply
• Water discharge
• Mine water
• Pool water
• Sprinkling
• Fountain
• Rian water
• Mining drainage
• Water lifting
• Heating water
• Chilled water
• Water burst
• Mineral water

Hydroman® Submersible Borehole Deep Well Water Pumps:

submersible deep well water pump

stainless steel submersible deep water pump

Submersible Borehole Deep Well Water Pumps

submersible cast iron well water pumps

Submersible Water pumps

 centrifugal water pump

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