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Submersible sludge pumps with control panels

Jan. 28, 2022

Submersible sludge pumps used to process and move waste fluids with high solids content and are very similar to submersible slurry pumps, submersible mud pumps, submersible sand pumps and other types of submersible waste water pumps. Sand, sludge, sewage & slurry submersible pumps that are engineered specifically for the tough applications you deal with in mining/coal mining, hydraulic fracking, mineral processing, steel production, drilling mud, slurry transport, sand and gravel, lime slurry or fly ash.

Control panels use wiring to connect to the submersible sludge pump and allow for automatic or manual pump operation depending on the application,a Pump Control Panel is used in the automation of the machinery in motor control applications that are a part of water-based systems.The submersible sludge pump will be more easyly to handle by using control panel.

The control panels can protect the submersible sludge pump and the submersible sludge pump motor are priorities because a submersible pump failure can have serious consequences. At a minimum make sure the submersible motor and submersible sand pump don’t overheat and the pump doesn’t run dry. Design the pump control panel based on the application and customer requirements.

Hydroman™ Submersible sludge pumps Product Features:

  1. The offered submersible sludge pump head part is with wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material named Hyperchrome Alloy.

  2. The submersible sludge pump supplied includes a 10m submersible power cable.

  3. The sludge sewage slurry submersible pump with an open impeller, its non-clog type. Meanwhile, there’s a small agitator at the bottom of the pump. It can mix up the sewage at the bottom of the tank.

  4. Submersible sludge pump using Max temperature can be up to 95℃

  5. Premium Efficiency IE3 motor for reduced energy consumption      

Hydroman™ Submersible Sludge Pumps with Control Panel Photos:

Submersible sludge pumps with control panels

Electrical Submersible Slurry Pump

Submersible Slurry Pump with Agitators

Submersible Chopper Pump

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