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Submersible Suction Pipe Dredging Siltation Pump under Jetty

Aug. 04, 2023

Hydroman®  Submersible Suction Pipe Dredging Siltation Pump under Jetty is a kind submersible slurry pumps to remove siltation under a jetty, Hydroman® submersible silt dredging pump installed a suction hose which will be appropriate operated by divers depth 21 meter below sealevel, this submersible suction pipe pump is popular for handling the submersible dredging sand pump beneath the jetty without a crane.

Hydroman®  Submersible Electric Agitator Dredging Pump can be used on site by a floating,or crane, or A frame,or directly put in the pit,sump, jetty or pool, and electrical desilting submersible pump with built-in agitator has the characteristics of simple operation, small size, no bulkiness as horizontal slurry sand pump, and no height difference problem, so electric submersible agitator sand pump widely used in rivers, lakes, seas, reservoirs for sand pumping, mud pumping, dredging, power plant pumping fly ash, steel mills pumping iron scale, sand dressing, mine tailings pumping, ceramic tile factory pumping powder, sewage water treatment pumping sediment, etc.

Hydroman®  Submersible Suction Pipe Dredging Siltation Pump Mainly Application:

▪ Sand pumping for rivers, lakes, seas and reservoirs.

▪ Dredging and pumping of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ports.

▪ Sand pumping and beneficiation: sand pumping for iron, sand for gold panning, 

  sand for rare earth, etc.

▪ Cleaning of the sedimentation tank of the sewage treatment plant.

▪ Sediment cleaning of municipal pipelines, rainwater pumping stations, and hydropower stations.

▪ Engineering construction (bridge construction caissons, etc.) discharge sediment and mud.

▪ Conveying blast furnace slag, slag, and iron oxide scale in iron and steel plants.

▪ Concentrator tailings, slag, pulp transportation.

▪ Coal mine cinder, coal slime, coal slurry cleaning.

▪ Power plant fly ash, coal slime and coal slurry transportation.

▪ Absorb all kinds of emery, quartz sand and steel slag solid particles.

▪ The tile factory pumps powder.

▪ Land reclamation in coastal areas.

▪ Conveying slurry materials containing various impurities.

▪ Conveying other media containing larger solid particles.

Hydroman® Submersible Suction Pipe Dredging Siltation Pump under Jetty Photos Showing:

Submersible Suction Pipe Dredging Siltation Pump under Jetty

Sand Agitator Submersible Dredging Pump

Submersible Pump for Sand Extraction

Submersible Dredge Pump for sand use for Excavator for Sand Mining

Submersible Sand Pump Use at River site to extract Clean Sand

Submersible Mud Dredge Pump

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