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Slurry Pump Control Box

Voltage: 380v / 440v

Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

Applicable motor: ≤15kw

Starting time: 5-15s

Starting voltage: 100%

Protection: Underload, Overload, Short circuit, Default phase

Ambient temperature:-20 ℃ ~ +45 ℃

Relative humidity: 20~90% RH No condensation 

Mounting height: ≤1000m

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product details

Hydroman® WePanel™ HDS Direct-Starting Control Box is the simplest start mode, It only has general electric elements, All of the power supply voltage is applied directly to the motor stator windings, simple structure, easy to operate, but the starting current is high, Generally it only applies to the motor ≤15KW. Exceptional circumstances, taking into account the specific conditions of power capacity, etc., It can be also used for tens of KW motors. HDS series control box widely used for small submersible motor for the submersible slurry pumps or submersible sewage pumps etc.

WePanel™ Direct Starters consist of a single contactor for the direct starting and stopping of a motor, for starters with forward and reverse directions there are two electrically and mechanically interlocked contactors so only one is connected to the motor at a time.

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