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Heavy Duty Submersible Sand pump with Cutter Heads


Size: 50-400mm

Capacity: 10-2000m3/h

Head: 8-150m

Max. particles: 12mm

Max. concentration: 70%

Max. working depth: ≤ 150m

Cutterheads: 0.75-22kw

Sealing arrangement: Double mechanical seal

Materials: Hyperchrome alloy, Cast iron, SS304, SS316L, Duplex SS etc

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product details

Hydroman™ Heavy Duty Submersible Sand pump with Cutter Heads has good wear resistance and large flowing passage to handle solids(up to 120mm for large models ) for harsh environment, sites pumping solids and other abrasive material. They are an excellent choice for dredging, mining, as well as sand and gravel removal work.

Hydroman™ Heavy Duty Submersible Sand pump with Cutter Heads Structural Feature:

Submersible sand pump is dry type motor pump structure.Motor adopt mechanical seal protection and can be effectively prevent high-pressure water and contaminants into the motor cavity.
▪ In addition to the main impeller, also equipped with mixing impeller and can be extracted residue stirred into a turbulent precipitate at the bottom of the post.
▪ Impeller, mixing impeller and other major wet parts using high wear-resistant material manufacturing, wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, non-clogging blowdown ability, submersible slurry pump can be through larger solid particles effectively.
Heavy duty submersible sand pump is no limitation by suction head , high efficiency suction slag , more thoroughly cleaning.
▪ No equipped with auxiliary mixing or spraying devices, operation more convenient.
▪ Motor submerged, without building complex ground protection and fixtures, management more convenient and easy.
▪ Mixing impeller direct contact deposition surface, control concentration through dive depth, therefore concentration control more comfortable.
▪ Device directly submerged to work, no noise and vibration, scene cleaner.

Hydroman™ Heavy Duty Submersible Sand pump with Cutter Heads Application:

▪ Underwater sand extraction, clear the bottom of a pond, clean up the sedimentation tank

▪ Drainage of construction silt water, mine surface drainage

▪ Industrial mining enterprises pumping sewage water containing quartz sand, slime, slage and other abrasive materials.

▪ Dredging deep deposits (up to 120 m deep) / Recovery of sand not mined by primary dredge / Sands mining.

▪ Trench clean out and back-fill in pipe-cable laying projects / Clean out caissons in construction / Transferof bentonite slurry / Overburden removal / Silt from gravel washing.

▪ Removal of silt build up at marinas, harbors, dock loading facilities, etc. / Clean out of contaminated sludge collection ponds / Reclaiming beaches / River, lake and canal clean out. De-silting water intakes / Emergency dump pond / Ash decant sumps / Fly ash collection sump / Ash and waste collection pit / Scrubber sludge transfer / Lime collection pit / Coal wash-down sumps.

▪ Coke conveyor spillage sumps / Crude oil tank clean out / Sludge transfer / Settling-collection pits / Tailings recovery / Coke fines collection pit / Relocation of sand filled drilling rigs / Drilling mud barge unloading.

Hydroman™ Heavy Duty Submersible Sand pump with Cutter Heads Video:

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