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TQJ Deep Well Pumps


Well Dia.: 100-550mm

Outlet dia.: 1.5-10inch

Capacity: 5-1000m3/hr

Head: 10-400m

Temp.: 0-90℃

PH Value: 6.5-8.5

Sand Content: up to 0.01%

Materials: Cast iron, SS304, SS316L, SS904, Bronze etc

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product details

Tobee® TQJ Submersible Deep Well Pumps are vertical multi-stage submersible water pumps designed for pumping clean water from deep wells, rivers, reservoirs, canals and mines etc. It is mainly used for farm irrigation, drinking water for people and animals, as well as water supply and discharge water for cities, mills, railways, mines, construction site and fire fighting etc

TQJR Submersible hot water pump is specially designed for geothermal applications featured by heat-resistant, anti-corrosive and anti-aging properties, water temperature up to 110℃.

Design Features:

• Compact vertical centrifugal submersible multi-stage design with perfect standardization and generalization, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

• A complete electric submersible pump includes a water pump set, electric motor, a discharge piping, water-proof cable and a control panel.

• Submersible motor filled with clean water for cooling and lubrication. And the pressure regulation switch, located at the bottom of motor, shall automatically operate to balance the pressure fluctuation caused by temperature variations.

• A sand slinger and oil-sealed skeleton are equipped at the upper part of motor to form a closed operating system for the motor, thus preventing any sand to penetrate into the motor.

• Water injection hole as well as air release hole are designed at the upper part of the motor, and water release hole at bottom (lower) part.

• Thrust bearing and collar are designed at lower part of motor to stand the weight of the squirrel caged rotor and the axial thrust residual.

• Water-proof electromagnetic wiring for stator with excellent insulation.

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