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  • Dragflow Submersible Dredge Pump with CutterHeads
  • Submersible Slurry Pump with CutterHeads
  • Submersible Slurry Pump with CutterHeads
  • Submersible Dredge Pump with CutterHeads
  • Dragflow Submersible Dredge Pumps

Submersible Pump with CutterHeads


Size: 50-400mm

Capacity: 10-2000m3/h

Head: 8-150m

Max. particles: 60mm

Max. concentration: 70%

Max. working depth: ≤ 150m

Cutterheads: 0.75-22kw

Sealing arrangement: Double mechanical seal

Materials: Hard chrome alloy, SS304, SS316L, CD4Mcu, Duplex 2205 etc

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product details

Hydroman™ Submersible Dredge Pump with CutterHeads is a great option for more permanent pump-out set-ups. Available in a range of sizes, and with its 3-phase electric motor, this pump has the power to clear large volumes of water in minimum time. It features a wide flow pipe impeller and simple internal design to enable large particle slurries to easily pass through with minimum abrasion to the internals. Depending on size, flow rates of up to 2000m3 per hour of water containing solids of up to 60mm can be transferred.

Hydroman® CutPro™ Agitator for slurry pump creates a high velocity water stream away from the pump suction, impacts the sand or whatever material in such a way that it gets put in suspension. This creates a fluid / solid mixture around the pump suction that can then be easily pumped. (remember we only have air pressure plus submergence for placing/pushing the material into the pump suction. Solid contents of up to 70% can be reached. A submersible dredge pump without mechanical agitation will only pump the water, leaving the solids behind to accumulate around your pump intake, and eventually starve the pump by blocking the intake.

Design Features:

▪ Submersible electric motors are all Class H insulated and have a minimum 1.25 service factor.

▪ Hydroman Submersible dredge Pumps are equipped with a unique lip seal system to prevent material from penetrating the seal.

▪ High quality materials ensure long life of all components.

▪ Temperature sensor, embedded in the electric motor, and Moisture sensor, in the oil chamber, are available options to protect the pump in the most demanding application.

▪ Adjustable Hi-Chrome suction side Wear Plate maintains maximum performance for extended periods by a simple adjustment of the gap between the wear plate and the impeller.

▪ Replaceable wear parts: casings, impellers, wear plates all can be replaced independently.

▪ Lube Oil Inspection Ports: a wide angle port outside the pump ensures easy inspection of shaft seal oil levels as well as providing easy access for oil replacement.

▪ The excavating action is created by the Hi-Chrome agitator blades that lift settled sediments which then get sucked into the pump, creating a continuous flow of concentrated slurry.

Hydroman® Additional equipment:

▪ Electric pump control units

▪ By using gradual start-up (Soft Start) un and frequency inverter in the control of pump electric engines, it is possible to ensure highest functionality of pump’s drive start, stop and protection. This allows to run the pump at lower consumption of electric energy and extend lifecycle of the total pumping system. These functions are especially important when running the pump from power generator to preserves system electronics.

▪ With automatic remote control it is possible to perform following actions:

▪ Step-by step start of electric engine while maintaining default indicators of electrical current.

▪ Control of different processes where pump accessories are involved, Control of important indicators by sensors (default/set oil level, oil consumption, pressure etc.); Automatic adjustment of default parameters

▪ Control of the equipment status when switching to different modes – to avoid emergency situations.

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