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Electric Dredging Cutters


Type: Electric driven

Power: 0.75-22kw

Voltage: 380v-50hz / 460v-60hz

Input speed: 1500/1800rpm

Output speed: 21-52rpm

Speed ratio: 29-71

Torque: 200-16000N.m

Insulation: Classe H

Materials: High chrome, Hyperchrome etc

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product details

Hydroman® CutPro Electric Dredging Cutter is designed for improving suction concentration of the submersible slurry pumps, CutPro™ Cutters are mainly mounted on the submersible pumps for varies applications, like Minerals processing, Tailings discharging, Dredging, Channel & pond cleaning, Mine dewatering, Sand & Gravel excavation, Deslagging, Sediment mining, Underground mine, Bentonite recycling, Clarifier sludge, Fly ash sumps, Dewatering, Sewage treatment and other industries.

CutPro™ Electric Dredging Cutter is a kind of novel K-H-V type of planetary transmission with small tooth number difference, showed in the following picture. The difference of teeth number between ZZ Sun gear(pin gear) and ZB Planetary gear(Cycloidal gear) is 1, which is: ZZ-ZB=1.

Design Features:

▪ High speed ratio and high rotating speed

▪ single transmission can reach reduction ratio at 1:71

▪ Efficiency is over 90%

▪ Stable operating an lower noise

▪ More number of teeth, Large contact ratio, Low vibration

▪ Reliable operation, long work life

▪ Wear parts made from High chrome alloy, Hardness can upto 65HRC.

Hydroman® CutPro™ Electric Dredging Cutters Specifications:




Input speed


Speed ratio

Output speed







The Transmission Process is as follows:

The input shaft is equipped with a misplaced 180°double eccentric sleeve, and the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two rolling bearings known as tumbler which form a H structure, the center hole of the two cycloidal gears is the roller path of eccentric sleeve upper arm bearing .And the cycloidal gear mesh with a group of ring - shaped arrangement needle teeth, they form a speed reducer structure whose tooth difference is one. (In order to reduce friction, the needle teeth of the small ratio reducer have a pin-tooth sleeve).

When the input shaft with a eccentric turn a circle, due to the characteristics of the cycloidal curve on the tooth profile and the pin tooth limit by the needle gear, the movement of the cycloidal gear includes both the rotation and the plane movement. When the input shaft turn a circle, the eccentric sleeve also turn a circle, the cycloidal gear turns a tooth from the opposite direction to get a deceleration, and then by W output mechanism, cycloidal gear's low-speed rotation is passed to the output shaft through the pin, so as to obtain a lower output rotational speed.

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