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Submersible Sewage Sludge Pump for Waste Water Treatment


Size: 50-400mm

Capacity: 7-2400m3/h

Head: 7-120m

Power: 0.75-315kw 

Max. particle: 120mm

Agitator or Cutter heads: Available

Materials: High chrome, Hyperchrome, SS304, SS316L, Duplex SS etc.

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product details

Hydroman® Submersible Sewage Sludge Pump for Waste Water Treatment can handle waste water as well waste water with robust and reliable solids,there is a stirring impeller at the bottom of the submersible electric sludge pump body, which can stir the deposited sludge to form a turbulent flow and realize high-concentration transportation. compared with the general horizontal sludge pump or vertical slurry sludge pump, the submersible sludge pump has a compact structure and a small footprint.There are no problems such as cavitation damage and irrigation and water diversion. Especially the latter point brings great convenience to the operator. The vibration noise is small, the motor temperature rise is low, and there is no pollution to the environment. Three heat control switches are embedded in the stator of submersuble sewage slurry pump. These are activated should the stator temperature exceed 157 degrees C. The water leakage probe is mounted inside of the oil chamber for the submersible slurry pumps. Should the oil water ratio reach a pre-determined ratio a warning signal will be activated, and the pump switched off.(The oil in the chamber should be replaced at regular service intervals.)

Some of the Features of the Submersible Sewage Sludge Pump pumps:

Compact structure and small footprint. Since the submersible sewage pump with agitatoroperates submerged, it can be installed directly in the septic tank. There is no need to build a special pumping room to install pumps and machines, which can save a lot of land and infrastructure costs.

Easy installation and maintenance. Small sewage pumps can be installed freely, and large sewage pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling devices for automatic installation, and the installation and maintenance are quite convenient.

Long continuous running time. Due to the axiality of the pump and motor, the shaft is short, the rotating parts are light in weight, the load on the (radial) bearing is relatively small, and it has a significantly longer life than a standard pump.

No problems such as damage to cavitation, irrigation, and drainage. Especially the last point brings great convenience to the operator.

Precisely because of the above advantages, submersible sewage pumps have been increasingly appreciated by people, and the scope of use has also become wider and wider, liquid feed, etc.

It plays a very important role in various industries such as municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, architecture, restaurants, and water conservancy construction.

Hydroman®  Submersible Sewage Sludge Pump Application:

Submersible sludge pump is a type of submersible water pump that can buildup rip and cut long fibers, heavy sewages, straps, grass, cloth strips, and other materials in sewage, and then discharge them smoothly, especially suitable for transferring liquids containing solid solids, fibrous materials, and especially dirty, viscous, and slippery liquids.
Submersible Sewage Sludge Pump for Waste Water Treatment

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