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Electric Submersible Mine Dewatering Slurry Mud Pump


Size: 50-400mm

Capacity: 10-2000m3/h

Head: 8-150m

Max. particles: 60mm

Max. concentration: 70%

Max. working depth: ≤ 150m

Cutterheads: 0.75-22kw

Sealing arrangement: Double mechanical seal

Materials: Hyperchrome alloy, Cast iron, SS304, SS316L, Duplex SS et

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Hydroman™  Electric Submersible Mine Dewatering Slurry Mud Pump is a great option for water conservancy project which puts the electric motor and mechanical pump on the same axis. Whether you work in mining, tunneling or construction, the submersible dewatering pumps here are your best insurance against water-related downtime.

Hydroman™ Electric submersible sand dewatering pumps is available in a range of sizes, and with its 3-phase electric motor, the submersible slurry mud pump has the power to clear large volumes of water in minimum time. The features for submersible electric mud pump is a wide flow pipe impeller and simple internal design to enable large particle slurries to easily pass through with minimum abrasion to the internals. Depending on size, submersible agitator slurry pump flow rates of up to 2400m3 per hour of water containing solids of up to 60mm can be transferred.

The submersible mud pump is suitable for transporting solids containing sand, cinder, tailing, etc on mine. Submersible slurry dewatering pump is also suitable for granular liquids, marine sludge suction, sand extraction, land reclamation and dock construction. The Submersible dewatering mud pump is widely used in electric power plants, metallurgical industry, river dredging, sewage treatment, etc.

Hydroman™  Electric Submersible Mine Dewatering Slurry Mud Pump Features:

▪ Easy start
Submersible slurry pump has a built-in contactor connected to the thermal sensors in the stator windings protects the motor from overheating and features an automatic restart function.

▪ Wear resistance
An impeller for submersible sand pump in 27-28% high chrome metallurgy has a guaranteed 650+ Brinell hardness.

▪ Reliable operation
A double mechanical shaft seal in an oil bath, with primary and secondary seal surfaces in silicon carbide, extends the life of the pump. A double outer casing and good heat convection enable the submersible dredging mud pump to operate continuously at low levels – or even run dry without damaging the motor.

▪ Serviceability
Due to the modular design, the same parts can be used for different electric submersible slurry pumps, which lowers the overall service costs. An adjustable diffuser ensures proper clearance throughout the impeller lifetime. By removing the top cover of the submersible dredging sand pump, the electrical junction area can easily be checked.

▪ Less energy and environmental impact
The high-efficiency motor and new hydraulics combine with low-friction bearings to reduce power losses. The result is low total energy costs.

Hydroman™  Electric Submersible Mine Dewatering Slurry Mud Pump Apllicaton:

Industrial mill Scales Pits / Blast Furnace/ Coke Plant Scale Pit.

Waste Sludge Handling.

Coal Wash down Sumps.

Clean Up of Sumps & Waste Treatment Plants.

Fly Ash Collection Sumps.

Mining Open Cast Mines.

Coal Mines.

Iron / Manganese Ore Mines.

Marble & Granite Manufacturing Units.


In take Well Cleaning.

Removal of Silt Built Up from Marinas, Harbors, Dock Loading.

Reclaiming of Beaches.

River / Lake / Canals Clean outs.

Waste Collection Ponds.

Hydroman™  Electric Submersible Mine Dewatering Slurry Mud Pump Showing:

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