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Electric Slurry Pump with Cutters


Size: 50-400mm

Capacity: 10-2000m3/h

Head: 8-150m

Max. particles: 60mm

Max. concentration: 70%

Max. working depth: ≤ 150m

Cutterheads: 0.75-22kw

Sealing arrangement: Double mechanical seal

Materials: Hyperchrome alloy, Cast iron, SS304, SS316L, Duplex SS etc

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product details

Hydroman™ Electric Submersible Slurry Pump is a high-powered heavy-duty slurry pump that delivers high head and high volume discharge. It is designed and built for continuous operation under the rough conditions often found at large-scale construction sites and mines.

The TJQ Electric Slurry Pump is equipped with a high-chrome cast alloy cutters to ensure smooth sediment intake and employs a mouth ring and impeller of same material to provide extra durability. Moreover, performance drop due to wear has been minimized by pairing a closed impeller configuration with Hydroman's unique mechanism that continuously adjusts the clearance between the mouth ring and impeller. The reliability in extended use has been improved with seal pressure relief ports that release pump pressure applied to the mechanical seal. The pump is additionally designed for side discharge via a spiral path that ensures the passage of solid matters.

Advantages of Hydroman Electric Submersible Slurry Pumps

▪ Priming: They don't have to be primed. They are self-priming because they operate below the surface of the fluid being pumped.

▪ Cavitation: Because they are fully submerged, submersible pumps are not prone to cavitation. This can be a problem with centrifugal pumps and other types of positive displacement pumps.

▪ Efficiency: A submersible pump has the head pressure of liquid on the suction end to help it operate. It doesn’t need to use as much energy in drawing liquid into the pump and is, therefore, more efficient.

▪ Noise: Being submerged, the TJQ slurry pumps are very quiet in most applications.

▪ Wherever possible, submersible slurry pumps should be inspected as often as possible. In this way, any necessary repairs can be carried out to prolong the life of the pump.

Hydroman Electric Submersible Slurry Pump Applications

Submersible pumps are generally very reliable and able to operate well in harsh conditions. They are made with robust iron castings and protected against corrosion with coated epoxy.

▪ Wastewater: Submersible pumps are widely used in the grit and wastewater industry. They are often used in pump and lift stations because they are compact and are less costly to install than other pumps.

▪ Sewage treatment: This application requires submersible slurry pumps, such as grinder pumps, that can transport solid material without obstruction from entry to discharge. These pumps often reduce sewage material to particles for easier handling and downstream treatment.

▪ Sump pumping: Submersible pumps are often used to remove a liquid from a particular area at no great depth. This could include emptying tailings ponds from mining operations or pumping out water from a building following flooding.

▪ Dredging: The TJQ slurry pumps are used by port authorities to dredge a harbor. They have to be specially designed to handle liquids with a high solid content.

▪ Wells: Water wells and boreholes employ these pumps to lift water to the surface. The oil and gas industry uses TJQ submersible slurry pumps extensively to lift oil to the surface from deep wells.

▪ Mining: Mines use TJQ submersible slurry pumps that are designed differently from those used in the oil and gas industry. They have to contend with severe conditions because mine water is highly acidic and carries suspended solids.

▪ Marine applications: Submersible slurry pumps are used by all seagoing ships to deal with onboard flooding and barge unloading.

Submersible pumps can be truly indispensable. In some of these cases, industries would not be able to operate without them.

Hydroman Submersible Slurry Pump Application:

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