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THY220A Hydraulic Slurry Pump


Size: 250mm

Capacity: 720-780m3/h

Head: 22-26m

Max. particles: 120mm

Max. concentration: 70%

Temperature Range: ≤80°C

Agitator or Cutterheads: Available

Sealing arrangement: Double mechanical seal

Materials: High chrome, Hyperchrome, SS304, SS316L, CD4MCu, 2205 etc

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product details

Hydroman™ THY220A Hydraulic Slurry Pump is hydraulically driven instead of electrically driven which has more applications in deep water area and used for dredging different matters, it is one kind of Submersible pump equipped with 2 or 3 agitator cutters which mix the mud or sand matters for suction. The Hydraulic slurry pump is mainly used as an excavator attachment taking place of grab bucket when there is too much water, mud and not suitable for digging. It is driven by the excavator hydraulic system or a separate hydraulic station to pump sand, sludge mortar etc. The flow passage components of this kind of submersible slurry pump is made of high-strength and wear-resistant alloy, and it has large flow channel and is suitable for delivering relatively big solid particle coal slurry and sand etc. 

Design Features:

▪ Wear parts are all constructed with abrasion resistant materials – chrome alloy, so pumps have better stability and longer service life.

▪ In addition to the main impeller, extra agitators are equipped to help break and mix the sludge

Professional technology support is provided during the whole process of the usage and maintenance.

▪ The system can automatically achieve overload protection; there is no motor leakage phenomenon.

▪ It can extract mortar, sand, slag and other solid, its concentration is high, up to 70% or more;

▪ Hydraulic transmission inertia is small, the reaction is fast, so it can achieve a wide range of various speed regulation.

Hydroman™ Hydraulic Slurry Pumps Applications:

▪ Dredging and desalting in the river, lake and port.

▪ Extracting sand, gravel etc., harbor reclamation project

▪ Draining liquid with solid materials, such as iron, tailings and slag etc.

▪ Extracting slag, forging slag, sludge and other industrial waste

▪ Pump sand and gold mining etc.

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