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THY24 Excavator hydraulic driven dredge pump

Mar. 19, 2021

Hydroman THY24 hydraulic dredge pump mounted on 381 Bobcat excavator and oprate at 80 m3/h @ 3 meters head to used for dredging mud in gutterway.

Hydraulic Excavator Mounted Dredge Pumps have been extremely successful for clients operating in specialized sectors who face severe conditions and difficult applications including dredging in the marine and energy sectors as well as in mining for minerals and other materials.

Which fields does the
hydraulic dredging pump used in?

▪ Removal of silt build up at marinas.

▪ Harbors, dock loading facilities, etc. 

▪ Waste sludge handling

▪ Tank clean out

▪ Waste collection ponds

▪Dredging deep deposits (up to 120 m deep)

▪ Sands mining

▪ Barge unloading

▪ Waste collection pit

▪ Ash sumps

▪ Dredging waste ponds

▪ Clean up sumps

▪ Gold tailings reclamation

▪ Settling and collection ponds

▪ Underground slimes collection ponds

Conveyor tunnel sumps

▪ Coal tailings relocation

▪ Crusher sumps

▪ Grinding area sumps

▪ Flotation area sumps

▪ Truck wash sumps

▪ Mill scale pits

▪ Coke plant scale pit

▪ Blast furnace slag pit

▪ Water treatment sumps

▪ Clean out caissons in construction

▪ Transfer of bentonite slurry

▪ Overburden removal

▪ Reclaiming beaches

▪ River, lake and canal clean out

Hydroman THY24 Excavator hydraulic driven dredge pump shipping photos:

Excavator hydraulic driven dredge pump

Hydraulic driven dredging pump

Submersible hydraulic driven dredge pump

Excavator submersible hydraulic dredging pump

Hydraulic Slurry Pump

submersible slurry pump

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