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Microtunneling Slurry Shield Gravel Pump

Apr. 29, 2022

Hydroman™ Microtunneling Slurry Shield Gravel Pump is a close-coupled horizontal slurry pump, which can be used as a priming pump or a booster pump, are compact and work in a vertical as well as horizontal position. Microtunneling Slurry Pump desined by Hydroman(A Tobee Brand) is an extremly suitable for micro tunnelling construction in mining, civil-engineering and other under water condition project.

All tunneling operations nevertheless involve certain basic procedures: investigation, excavation and materials transport, ground support, and environmental control.The first one removes the spoil from the face through a screw conveyor,  whereas the second one by pumping it in tunnelling construction, since microtunneling also involves moving a large amount of rock, dirt, sand, and other solids found beneath the surface, it needs an efficient way to dispose of this material, so
microtunneling shield gravel pumps play a crucial role for pumping slurry, mud, clay, bentonite, sludge, gravel, sewage water etc. in the excavation and materials transport stage for the microtunneling. For another, some desanders in tunneling are equipped with slurry discharge pumps used for the onward transfer of the processed mud, usually to desilters or centrifuges.

Hydroman™ Microtunneling Slurry Shield Gravel Pump can handle slurries with up to 60% of solids by weight and particles with up to 60 mm diameter. It is widely used for Tunnel works, like Micro-tunnelling, Tunnel Boring Machine, Shield Machine, Pipe-Jacking, slurry transportation system, bentonite slurry, sand gravel, drill fluids etc.

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