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Submersible Sand Pump Starters

Power Range:  15 ~ 90kW

Power voltage: 380V ± 10%, 440V ± 10%, 50Hz / 60Hz

Gradient: ≤5°

Utilization category: AC-3

Pollution class: 3

Installation Type: Ⅲ

Ambient temperature:  -5 ℃ ~ +40 ℃

Relative humidity: 5-90% RH No condensation 

Protection Class: IP20

Installation height: ≤1500m

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product details

Hydroman® WePanel™ HSD Star Delta Starters use contactors to reduce the voltage applied to each winding of 3 phase AC induction motors to about 58% of the line voltage. This reduces the starting torque and current for a variable amount of time (standard 1-30 seconds) and then switches over to Delta.

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