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Hydraulic Dredge Pump for Caterpillar Excavators


Size: 80-400mm

Capacity: 50-1500m3/h

Head: 10-50m

Max. particles: 60mm

Max. concentration: 70%

Agitator: Available

Cutterheads: 3-22kw

Sealing arrangement: Double mechanical seal

Materials: High chrome, Hyperchrome, SS304, SS316L, CD4MCu, Duplex 2205 etc

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product details

Hydroman® Hydraulic submersible dredge pump features a hydraulically driven wet-end especially engineered to provide efficient pumping of highly charged and abrasive slurries. Taking its heritage from the Tobee® range of slurry pump and gravel pumps combined with high chrome alloy casting for high wear resistance ensures that sites will enjoy high levels of uptime.

The TQSY hydraulic dredge pump range is capable of pumping between 150 and 1,200m3/h, up to heads of 82m.

The two included ExPro™ side cutters are fitted with dredge pump for industry-leading wear life and impact resistance. These side cutters utilise the two-piece tooth system to prevent premature breakage, avoid tooth loss and protect the integral locking system to ensure continuous operation of the dredge pump.

The hydraulic dredge pump is suitable for multiple dredging applications including:

▪ Tailings storage facility management

▪ Harbour and marine maintenance

▪ Sand and gravel mining

▪ Maintenance of water storage capacity in retention ponds

▪ Slimes removal from sludge ponds

▪ Land reclamation

Hydraulic Dredge Pump Features:

▪ High chrome alloy casting for high wear resistance

▪ Hydraulic motor sizing available to handle a range of high density liquids

▪ High pump end efficiencies

▪ High solids handling capability

▪ Bespoke suction strainer to prevent clogging in applications where very large solids are present

▪ Quick-hitch plate attachment available for ease of removal and installation on hydraulic excavators

ExPro™ Side Cutter Features:

▪ ExPro™ Side Cutters are for industry-leading wear life and impact resistance

▪ The two (2) cutter models feature either six (6) or nine (9) standard point teeth with tooth system

▪ Teeth are easily installed and safely removed with standard tools available on site

▪ Integrated lock means no pins to order, lose or mismatch

▪ Variable speed cutters for optimal operation

Application Processes

▪ Mine Dewatering Systems

▪ Slurry transportation

▪ Tailings Management

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