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Submersible Coal Ash Slurry Pumps with Inbuilt Agitator

May. 18, 2023

Hydroman®  finished a shippment for 4 submersible coal ash slurry pumps with inbuilt agaitator to head to Australia recently, Hydroman® submersible coal ash slurry pumps with inbuilt agitator is a submersible, electric, hard-wearing slurry pump, submersible slurry pump, submersible sand pump, submersible dredging pump, submersible sludge pumpand sumbersible mud pump are all our standard electric submersible pumps. Our submersible slurry pumps are frequently used in applications include:- Lime slurries, Mill scale, Coal runoff sumps, Wash down sumps, Ash transfer, Tailings ponds, Slag pits, Food wastes, Silt removal, Quarry sand & gravel de-watering, Barge & tank clean out, Bentonite.

Hydroman® submersible sludge pumpwith agitator has been designed to efficiently pump contaminated fluids containing solids in suspension to a maximum of 70% by weight.A heavy duty 27% Cr agitator helps keeps solids in suspension.

Hydroman® Slurry & Sand Submersible Pumps are installed without masonry or special structures.These submersible sludge mud pumps can be set on the bottom of the well or hung from a rope, chain or other suspension devices.

Hydroman® submersible dredging slurry and sand pump achieves maximum service life because of numerous design features, such as:

▪ Class H motor insulation and built-in amperage (full load amp) and temperature overload protection
▪ Double silicon carbide mechanical seals in a separate oil filled seal chamber
▪ Heavy-duty lip seal—additional protection for the mechanical seals
▪ Stainless steel shaft and shaft sleeve, which provides maximum wear and corrosion protection
▪ Pump wetted end parts from hyperchrome alloy (65HR) with extra thick walls where pumped slurry enters the discharge

Hydroman® submersible coal ash slurry pumps with inbuilt agitator:

Submersible Coal Ash Slurry Pumps with Inbuilt Agaitator

Submersible Slurry Pump

Submersible Sand Pump

Submersible Dredging Sand Pump

Submersible Dredging Pump

Submersible Slurry  (Mud) Pump with Electrical Drive

Submersible Pump  for Sludge Dredging Application

4 inch Submersible Pump for Pumping Sandy Slurry from a Pit

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