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Submersible Sewage Water Pump

Nov. 29, 2021

Hydroman™ Submersible Sewage Water Pump also can called submersible sewage pump, submersible effluent pump, submersible drainage pump, submersible wastewater pump, submersible trash pump etc., Hydroman stock a large range of submersible water pumps for any dewatering including soft solids up to 2" in diameter application, such as such as raw water transfer in purifying tanks (Johkasou/septic tanks), wastewater treatment facilities, pumping stations and flood prevention equipment, and reservoirs of recreational facilities, as well as drainage of sewage and wastewater.

Sewage Water pumps are centrifugal pumps,since the pump is submerged most of the time, it is also referred to as a submersible sewage pump, with special design considerations enabling solids to pass without clogging the pump. When the pump is turned on, the motor starts to rotate the impeller, creating the pressure that pushes water into the impeller and from there into the discharge pipe.

With a design that thoroughly considers pump durability and wear resistance, these pumps enable continuous duty for a long period of time.
Hydroman™ Submersible Sewage Pump feature a highly reliable design that ensures excellent durability and stable quality, contributes to stable operations of facilities, and results in remarkably reduced maintenance costs.

Hydroman™Submersible Sewage Water Pump Display Photos:

Submersible Effluent Pump

Submersible Wastewater Pump

Submersible Sewage Water Pump

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