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Hydraulic Submersible Clay Mud Pump with Cutterhead

Sep. 08, 2022

Hydroman® Hydraulic Submersible Clay Mud Pump with Cutterhead was installed a hydraulic dredging cutter on the bottom of Hydraulic Submersible Clay Mud Pump, which can increase the efficiency in presence of hard and compact material and avoids any clogging problem at the pump suction. Hydraulic Submersible Slurry Pumps with Dredging Cutterhead rugged yet lightweight and are able to handle large amounts of trash, thick viscous sludge and abrasive materials.

There are two principal types of cutters for hydraulic submersible dredging pump, one is hydraulic head cutter that installed the bottom of hydraulic submersible sand pump, the other one is
hydraulic side agitatorsthat can be mountted on the two sides of submersible hydraulic slurry sludge pump. The Hydraulic Cutters are powerful and are capable of dredging all kinds of material including hard rock. Hydraulic Submersible Dredging Sand Pumps with Cutterhead are able to effectively dredge: silts, clays, sand, gravel, cobbles, fractured rocks and sound (unfractured) rocks.

Hydroman® Hydraulic Submersible Clay Mud Pumps with Cutterhead are used for larger dredging projects such as navigation channels and port development and maintenance and land reclamation and in major projects such as the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal.
Submersible Hydraulic Dredge Pump produce the flow required to lift the disaggregated material from the bed and then to transport a water-soil slurry, sludge, mud, sand, silt, clay etc.through a pipeline from the dredger to a discharge point. By use of hydraulic submersible booster pumps in the discharge lines, they can transport and place materials at considerable distances from the work site.

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