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SS Submersible slurry pump for highly acidic environments

Mar. 03, 2023

Hydroman® TJQ100-25-22 submersible slurry pump in all 316 stainless steel material ready for export to a highland acid mine, Our customer need a submersible slurry pump to clean slurries with Ph 2.4 from an acid water pool, so our professional technical engineer selected out our 316 stainless steel submersible slurry pump to meet the highly acidic application.

Hydroman offered submersible slurry pump that is capable of pumping liquids that contain acidic solids. Utilizing Medium/High voltage power supply submersible acid slurry agitator pumps have been developed for both 50Hz as well as 60Hz power supply. Corrosion resistant heavy duty submersible slurry pump made from 316 stainless steel greatly suitable for acidic mineral tailings, seawater lagoons, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, factories sewage discharges and so on.

Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps are casted by the stainless steel material integrally and highly corrosion-resistant materials for all parts that are exposed to fluids, including the impeller, pump casing, motor frame, outer cover, strainer stand and flange are precision casted by stainless steel material as well to withstand aggressive liquids, Waste Water. The enough thickness ensure the pump has an excellent effect on corrosion resistance, acids and alkali resistance. Hydroman stainless steel submersible sludge pump can be installed in Mining, Dewatering and Construction as it has a longer life.

Hydroman® SS submersible slurry pump applications:

▪ Building waste water treatment system, sewage treatment plant, community market.

▪ Drainage waste water from chemical plant, dyeing, textile factory, etc.

▪ Fishery, animal husbandry, dairy farm, livestock farm, piggery and fecal sewage tank.

▪ PH Value 2 - 11 industrial waste water system.

▪ Sea Water Applications

▪ Acidic mineral processing

Hydroman® SS submersible slurry pump photos display

316 stainless steel submersible slurry pump

 submersible acid slurry agitator pumps

Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

stainless steel submersible sludge pump

submersible slurry pump in 316 stainless steel

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