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Electric Submersible Mud Agitators Pump

Feb. 25, 2022

Hydroman™ Electric Submersible Mud Agitators Pumps are three phase slurry pumps, in cast iron, with a built-in agitator and installed extra two side cutter heads to stir sand, silt and pulverized solids into suspension for pumping. Constructed in superior grade materials throughout, electric submersible mud pump gives exceptional performance in harsh operating conditions. Submersible Mud Pump designed features a double mechanical seal, with an oil lifter, for positive seal lubrication in any operating position. Maintenance for submersible slurry pump is straightforward, with simple replacement of slurry pump parts, without the need for special tools. High-performance submersible motors feature thermal protection, enabling simple installation and direct connection to the power supply.

Submersible mud agitator pump is a range of heavy duty submersible sludge pumps benefiting from an in-built high-chrome agitator which helps keeps solids in suspension making this model ideally suited to troublesome slurry and sludge applications as well as agricultural waste and drainage projects. Other suitable applications for submersible agitator slurry pump includes: Lime slurries, Mill scale, Coal runoff sumps, Wash down sumps,Ash transfer, Tailings ponds, Slag pits, Food wastes, Silt removal, Quarry sand & gravel de-watering, Barge & tank clean out, Bentonite.

Hydroman™ Electric Submersible Mud Agitators Pump Feature:

Submersible type slurry pump is ubmersible work without influence of suction head;

Submersible sand dredging pump is no assistant vacuum pump, save invest;

Submersible dredging mud pump is no noise, keep the silence of work station;

Electric submersible sand pump with agitators, no need extra stirring devices, more convenience for operating;

Submersible silt pump doesn't need to build pump house;

Submersible clay dredging pump can directly work on the surface of slurry, with higher efficiency to deliver slurry.

Hydroman™ Electric Submersible Mud Agitators Pumps Photos:

Electric Submersible Mud Agitators Pump

Heavy Duty Submersible Slurry Pump

Submersible Sand Pump with Head Cutters

Submersible electric driven dredging sand pumps

submersible clay dredging pump with water jet ring and cutter ring

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