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Heavy Duty Submersible Agitator Sludge Sewage Pump

Dec. 20, 2022

Hydroman®  Heavy Duty Submersible Agitator Sludge Sewage Pump is designed to handle wastewater with high levels of rags and other contaminations including solids, and submersible sludge sewage pumps are a commercial, heavy duty, top discharge, dewatering sump pump,ideally suited to troublesome slurry and sludge applications as well as agricultural waste, drainage projects and farm waste. Submersible sludge pump fitted with an agitator, these models are designed to stir up mud and sand at the bottom and then discharge the water, mud and sand in suspension more effectively.

Hydroman® Heavy duty submersible sludge pump is capable of pumping very high heads or large volume flow rates, so heavy duty submersible slurry sludge pumps are the ideal selection for deeper or longer applications where sands and slurries require reliable and heavy duty pumps to transfer, therefore the suitable applications for submersible agitator sludge pumpin addition to the above mentioned applications, but also include Lime slurries, Mill scale, Coal runoff sumps, Wash down sumps, Ash transfer, Tailings ponds, Slag pits, Food wastes, Silt removal, Quarry sand & gravel de-watering, Barge & tank clean out Bentonite.

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Hydroman®  Heavy Duty Submersible Agitator Sludge Sewage Pump Showing
Submerged Slurry Sump Agitator Electric Driven Pump

Hydroman® Submersible Slurry / Sand / Sludge / Dredging / Mud Pump Displaying
Electrical Submersible Mud Dredge Pump

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Electric Submersible Sludge Pump for Sludge Treatment

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