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Submersible Hydraulic Dredge Pump

Oct. 19, 2021

Submersible Dredging pumps are crucial for the dredging operations in develop and maintain harbors networks, keep or improve navigability of water-ways, restore dams capacity, construction of damps and ports, recover valuable mineral deposits, contaminants remediation, installation of off-shore platforms, fast reaction in civil emergencies, among others… all of them are essential activities to sus-tain economic growth in most countries.

We can help you to choose the size of dredge pump that best adapts to your requirements, also can customized production the accessory that can in-stalled on existing dredging pumps like
dredging site agitator,head cutter, water jet ring and power pack. Hydroman has a wide selection of electric and hydraulic dredge pumps, and hydraulic driven dredging pumps are especially for dredging or loading on a dredger where the electric power source is not supplied.

Hydraulic dredging pump is hydraulically driven instead of electrically driven which has more applications in deep water area and used for dredging different matters, Hydraulic driven dredging pump is mainly used as an excavator attachment taking place of grab bucket when there is too much water, mud and not suitable for digging. It is driven by the excavator hydraulic system or a separate hydraulic station to pump sand, sludge mortar etc. The flow passage components of this kind of submersible dredging slurry pump is made of high-strength and wear-resistant alloy, and it has large flow channel and is suitable for delivering relatively big solid particle coal slurry and sand etc. Our submersible hydraulic dredge pumps has been successfully used in the dredging of rivers to create or recover navigability, to remove contaminants from the riv-erbed and to restore the river shorelines.

Hydroman Submersible Hydraulic Dredge Pump Photos:

Submersible Hydraulic Dredge Pump with Head Cutters

Hydraulic Dredge Pump with Jet Ring

Hydraulic Dredging Pump with Power Pack

Hydraulic Submersible Agitators Dredge Pump

Hydraulic Driven Dredged Pump

Hydraulic Head Cutter for Dredging Pump

Side Agitators for Hydraulic Slurry Pump

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